Who we are

Welcome to the International Lindy Hop Championships! Please join us once again at the beautiful Renaissance Capital View Hotel for another year of world class social dancing, competitions and amazing bands!

Our history

[dropcap_1]2008 [/dropcap_1]

[icon_box icon="lightbulb-o" title="Year 1"] Our inaugural year![/icon_box]

[dropcap_1]2009 [/dropcap_1]

[icon_box icon="rocket" title="Year 2"] Classic Division – Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl amazing performance to “Jump thru the Window”[/icon_box]

[dropcap_1]2010 [/dropcap_1]

[icon_box icon="heart" title="Year 3"] Our Juniors program exploded. [/icon_box]

[dropcap_1]2011 [/dropcap_1]

[icon_box icon="building-o" title="Year 4"] The year of  “the Chase”. [/icon_box]

[dropcap_1]2012 [/dropcap_1]

[icon_box icon="globe" title="Year 5"] First year including a live feed of ILHC around the world! [/icon_box]



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