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This year at ILHC we will be using the ILHC App powered by Whova for Scheduling and communications with attendees.  This Mobile brochure App has many features including the ability to create your own personal schedule from the listed items, communicate with other attendees using the Bulletin Board and fun ILHC contests where you can win prizes!! Please download the App prior to attending.  There will be NO printed schedules.  Check the bottom of this page for a video tutorial on the app.




Invitation code: ilhcstars

Download the ILHC App Now!

5 thoughts on “Main Schedule

  1. A non-dance friend wants to watch my team (I’m in Ann Mony’s solo jazz team). Is there a way my friend can come in to watch – what kind of ticket should she buy? I’m not seeing day passes / evening passes… I’m guessing no but please advise if you can.

    1. We do not offer ‘Spectator’s Only’ passes. What we will have is weekend, day, and evening passes for sale on-site for anyone that wants to attend ILHC at any point during the weekend. I assume you are considering the day or evening pass options. We do not pre-sell those, they will only be available on-site at the door. We have a single price point for all attendees as we are not able to differentiate different types of attendees at the event.

      We will have Day and Evening passes available on-site. Last year they ranged from $65-75. We will be posting the day pass prices on our website in August so you can look them up.

  2. I see that you are not going to be printing schedules, but the PDF of the schedule that is currently downloadable is 18 pages long. For folks like me who don’t want to use the app, where can we obtain a copy of the condensed spreadsheet that you had on your website a few weeks ago? That PDF color-coded and fit on one page double-sided.

    1. Hi Ann!
      The Full color PDF version of the schedule in available on the website on a separate page. That schedule will be updated periodically until the . Once the weekend starts any last minute changes will be via the app and reflected in the online schedule. Using the ILHC App we would like to make real-time announcements to our attendees, not matter where they might be. We don’t envision any major changes, but just want to make sure what the expectation is.

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