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PLEASE READ!!!!  The International Lindy Hop Championships will offer “International Weekend Passes” for non-US attendees at a discounted price.  Attendees must present a current non-US passport at check-in for the event, no other form of ID will be accepted at the event.  If the attendee DOES NOT not present a passport at check-in, they will need to pay the monetary difference between the pre-purchased price and that of the on-site weekend price in order to attend the event. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!  THIS PASS IS FOR NON-US CITIZENS ONLY!


  • REFUND of PASSES – There are no refunds for weekend passes, workshop passes, or dance passes for any reason. There are no refunds for weekend passes…no exceptions.
  • REFUND of COMPETITION ENTRY FEE – Refunds of competition fees can be requested through June 30th. Starting July 1st, competition fees will not be refunded for any reason.
    • Passes are not transferable to other event attendees; however, your weekend pass and any competition fees can be credited to the following year’s International Lindy Hop Championships. Credit can only be used by the same registrant and is only good for one year.
    • There are no credits or transfers of buffet tickets or workshops.
    • Requests for pass transfers to the following year must be received by the Monday before the event starts.

9 thoughts on “Registration

  1. My son Vaughn Owens is excited to attend again this year’s ILHC with the Youth program. He’s coming with a small team with Matt Richey, his instructor. I’ll be attending as a Chaperone. Can you tell me if there are any scholarships for youth and chaperones? Thank you.
    Heather Owens
    (Mom and biggest fan!)

    1. We do not offer ‘Spectator’s Only’ passes. What we will have is weekend, day, and evening passes for sale on-site for anyone that wants to attend ILHC at any point during the weekend. I assume you are considering the day or evening pass options. We do not pre-sell those, they will only be available on-site at the door. We have a single price point for all attendees as we are not able to differentiate different types of attendees at the event.

      We will have Day and Evening passes available on-site. Last year they ranged from $65-75. We will be posting the day pass prices on our website in August so you can look them up.

  2. Dear Camp Hollywood team,

    I just signed up through the webpage. However my Paypal didn´t work at the first time. Do you have an email address I can make the paypal payment to?

    I need to use another account to do it.

    Thank you so much!
    Swing happy,

    1. Hi Claire,

      This is ILHC not Camp Hollywood. Did you mean this for us? If you signed up for ILHC, you should have received a confirmation email with your registration. You can always use this link to go back and add any contests or additional items.

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