International Swing Dance Museum

(Open to the Public)

Look for the Museum to be bigger and better in 2018!!! 


Friday- 10-6pm

Saturday 10-9pm

Sunday noon- 6pm

We need YOU to donate items to the Museum!

How to Donate/Lend

Please describe the Piece and its importance to Lindy Hop and/or Swing Dance

Documentation – Please supply as much as you know about the piece. Submit:

Letters, journals and diaries that describe the piece


Family stories

Email: send the above to

If your piece is accepted and you are attending ILHC we will ask that you bring the piece with you to ILHC. You are free to take the piece with you after ILHC is over.   If you are not attending ILHC, we will work with you to have the item shipped to ILHC and returned to you after the event.

Your name, as donor, will be linked to the piece  and we will create a display label that credits you for the donation.