Our mission is to respect and honor the spirit of Lindy Hop by hosting an international competition weekend which is organized, performed, and judged at the highest levels possible and inclusive of all nations wishing to participate. 

Our goals include providing you and the Lindy Hop community with an event that is professionally run, inclusive of all people, and pushes the scene forward while respecting the history of Lindy Hop. A place to see and get inspired by top-level competitions that foster the spirit of Lindy Hop; a place to grow as a dancer by practicing, choreographing, and performing; and a place to meet dancers from all over the world who are as passionate about Lindy Hop as you are. 

Integral to our mission is giving back to the community. We support the Frankie Manning Foundation, host a youth program, and hold contests specifically for juniors. 

All of our judges were selected not just for their extensive reputations and accomplishments, but for the respect and professionalism that they bring with them.

Photo by Jerry Almonte

Photo by Jerry Almonte