So let's talk about…SONGSTRESSES.

So let's talk about…SONGSTRESSES.

 Great vocalist don't get to choose their instrument, they play the one they're born with. Over years of training they learn their instrument's peculiar timbres and unique quirks, often using those very traits to guide the listener straight to the vocalist's heart.  

 ILHC is proud to put the spotlight on three incredible vocalists at this year's event, vocalist who aren't only known for their pipes, but also their passion for swing music and dance.     

 Hilary Alexander is the daughter of a jazz musician and a Brazilian Samba dancer. She grew up listening to Anita O'Day, who became her biggest inspiration, along with Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, and Kay Starr. As a dancer she got to work with many of the original Southern California swing dancers, which inspired her to create and organize Camp Hollywood, one of the swing scene's biggest and longest running events. And she's not just featured in the Jonathan Stout Orchestra and His Campus Five; she's their co-bandleader. She was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2008. At ILHC, you'll see her standing in front of the Jonathan Stout Orchestra. 

 Laura Windley was a swing dancer, lawyer, and vintage scooter buff in North Carolina when she started the Mint Julep Jazz Band.  Since then she has dedicated herself to jazz singing, especially the intense study of Ella Fitzgerald, her life and voice. Laura was one of the members of Heritage Sounds who brought the music of Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald back to bandstands, which debuted at Lindy Focus in 2016. She was instrumental not only in choosing the songs for the project, but also in establishing the copyrights and contracts that made it possible. She even transcribed Ella's impressive scat solo in "Tain't What You Do." At ILHC, she'll be scatting  in front of Michael Gamble and The Rhythm Serenaders. 

Finally, ILHC will have a special guest for their battle of the bands Monday, December 2: Legendary jazz singer Melba Joyce. Joyce has sung for the Count Basie Orchestra, introduced an unprecedented half-female, half-male orchestra at Lincoln Center, and received a lifetime achievement award from the Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Association. Joyce sang a tribute at Norma Miller's memorial service. At ILHC, you'll see her in front of battling bands on Norma's Birthday.  


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