Do you provide Hosting or Housing?

All ILHC and Norma100 events will take place at the Marriott Crystal City Gateway. Please book a room at this hotel. ILHC does not provide hosting or housing. All Hotel and Travel information can be found on our website at: https://www.ilhc.com/hotel-and-travel/

Do you provide a letter of invitation?

Yes, If you are in a country that requires a letter of invitation. Please email ilhcregistration@ilhc.com to start the process as early as possible. Include all relevant information and remember to not wait until the last minute to activate the process with the proper authorities.

How do I register for the Youth program?

All Youth and Junior program activities are run thru our ILHC Youth Coordinators Alexis Davilla and Cyle Davis.


Do I need a weekend pass in order to compete?