Organizer Summit

Lindy Focus.png

ILHC Organizer Summit


Lindy Focus - Michael Gamble

ILHC - Tena Morales-Armstrong and Sylvia Sykes

Lindyfest - Tena and Scott Angelius

Camp Hollywood - Hilary Alexander

Swing out New Hampshire - Mike Thibault

Beantown -Tony and Aurelie Tye

Snowball - Kenneth and Helena Norbelie


We have a VERY rare opportunity where practically all that run major Lindy Hop events in the US and the largest in Europe will be in the same place at ILHC! On Sunday Dec. 1st at approx. 11:45am ILHC will host an Organizer Summit. This is a chance for all to hear from and ask questions of some of the best in the business. Bring your Lunch!