Norma Miller 100th Birthday

December 2nd, 2019 will be Norma’s 100th Birthday and we will dedicate the day to activities that celebrate all things NORMA! MORE SURPRISES TO COME!!


The Norma Miller Dancers

Norma formed the Norma Miller Dancers in 1940 and appeared the following year in the breathtaking Lindy Hop sequence in the film Hellzapoppin’. We will have some of the Norma Miller Dancers joining us for a LED discussion on Life with Norma and other Lindy Hop history.

Join Mickey Davidson and the Norma Miller dancers as they tell stories about life on the road with Norma!


The NORMAlizer contest

This Harvest Moon Ball-style contest is open to anyone! Dancers register as couples and will dance to music selected by ILHC. This is a no-holds barred competition. All lifts, drops, aerials, airsteps and acrobatics are allowed. Judges will be looking for great dancing spontaneity, creativity and connection to the music.

Monday December 2nd, 2019 _ 9_45 PM _Arlington Ballroom (1).png


For the first time ever, Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders Orchestra will battle the Jonathan Stout Orchestra. 80+ years ago at the Savoy Ballroom there was an infamous Big Band Battle between Benny Goodman and Chick Webb. Showcasing singers Hilary Alexander and Melba Joyce! Join us as we recreate the ILHC Ballroom and transport you back to the Savoy! Be there to witness in person this once in a lifetime epic battle!