Youth Program



Lindy Hop Kids Gallery

An interactive space just for kids! It includes a video library, reading corner, movement and balance spaces and more! This is specifically for our Youth Program attendees.

Please help support the ILHC Youth Program by donating to:

Frankie Manning Foundation

If you are interested in donating to the Fund, you may do so by submitting a payment through the Frankie Manning Foundation INFO@FRANKIEMANNINGFOUNDATION.COM. Money donated to the Fund is tax deductible. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT “ILHC YOUTH PROGRAM” ON YOUR DONATION.


The Frankie Manning Foundation is a project of the Houston Swing Dance Society (HSDS), a 501 ( c)(3) non profit public charity dedicated to the promotion of swing music and dance in Houston and beyond. The Fund is directed and governed by a separate and independent advisory board.The advisory board consists of Chazz Young (Frankie’s eldest son), Judy Pritchett (Frankie’s long time companion), and Cynthia Millman (Frankie’s Biographer), Buddy Steves, Elliott Donnelly and Mandi Gould.

We are blessed to have youth groups coming from Ohio, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Sweden! The culmination will be  our Juniors division on Sunday afternoon!

For those interested we would like to provide some information.

For competition, we have a choreographed routine division for Juniors (17 and under).
Please see the contest description by clicking here.

Youth over the age of fourteen (14) may compete in the adult divisions of Jack & Jill and Pro-Am contests. There is no fee for the Junior division. If a junior decides to compete in an adult division, the contest fee remains.

The Juniors division is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at approximately 5pm, with an awards ceremony at 9pm.

For workshops, we are providing a youth track for classes. These classes are open to youth 17 and under. Top international instructors have donated their time to teach the youth track.

Our goal at ILHC is to provide all youth the opportunity to learn Lindy Hop regardless of their financial, social or economic situation. Youth from disadvantaged areas and/or extremely economically challenged have the opportunity to be sponsored under our Youth Program.  ILHC and the Frankie Manning Foundation have committed funds to off-set expenses for weekend passes, hotel rooms, meals, transportation, etc. These funds are extremely limited and need-based appointed.

If you have youth to be considered for the Program please contact us at Please provide as much information as you can regarding the number of youth to be considered, their ages and any specifics you can provide on their economic situation.